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How To Choose The Best Design Professional


We recommend hiring a design professional who specializes in your project type as the designing process can vary greatly. For example, material grades, code requirements, and permitting process are based upon their distinctive divisions, and if any of the designs don’t meet the requirements, your project can be delayed and end up costing more to fix.

Ensure the professional is knowledgeable in the following:

  • Commercial projects in your business type (office, clinic, retail, restaurant, etc.)

  • Residential projects in your style or taste

  • Understanding the landlord and tenant dynamics

  • Building codes (occupancy classification, public safety, disability barrier-free requirements, etc.)

  • Building elements and structural systems

  • Proper material types and construction methods for heavy traffic areas, water, noise impact, privacy, fire rating, etc.

  • Quality of construction drawings for permit submittal, constructability and pricing. Review their drawings if possible.

An experienced architect or interior designer can address these points and solve problems smoothly. As a design firm, VIS Designs would be happy to discuss the unique needs of your project.


Architects are knowledgeable in technical aspects, but not every architect is gifted in creating an environment that will attract customers or a healthier workplace for higher productivity. Interior designers are talented in providing transformation to a space, however, not all of them know how to solve technical challenges to eliminate unnecessary project costs.

If your project is a commercial tenant improvement, we highly recommend hiring a company that has experience in both architecture and interior design because most tenant improvement projects consist of both architectural and interior elements.


Check the designer’s website and review his or her completed projects. At your initial meeting, ask how they applied design concepts and overcame challenges.


Ask how the designer met previous clients’ budgets while still providing a quality design.


What is the designer’s track record? Consider their integrity, ability to stay on schedule, professionalism, etc. Are there any online reviews about them?


Knowing your designer’s personality traits can help you prevent potential problems. Good traits contribute to the success of the project and ensure the best customer experience. For example, is the designer detail oriented? Do they have a positive attitude? How are their communication skills?

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