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Kari Magill, CEO of Rowley Properties, REI Headquarters Office Building Lobby Design:

We chose VIS Designs because we wanted to support a local interior designer, intimate with the brand identity of our community who could help us with our building theme of “bringing the outdoors in” and do it in a way that uniquely reflected Issaquah.  Our mixed-use office building is only about 70,000 square feet but it sits at the gateway to Issaquah and we designed it to be iconic.  VIS Designs worked with us on the building common areas – entries, lobbies, hallways and restrooms and the outcome is beautiful.  It really speaks to the Pacific Northwest.  One particular challenge was creating a “home” for a unique art piece – the Wedgewood Buck, who is painted with a pattern found on a particular line of fine china.  Not only does he blend in his setting now, he has also become an important focal point for the building, as he “leads” you toward the elevator lobby. We are very pleased with our new building interiors and offer our heartfelt thanks to VIS Designs.

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Mrs. & Mr. Brown, Brown Residence Master Bathroom:

After living in China for several years, we moved into a great house in Snoqualmie Ridge. We love the neighborhood and the house, but the master bath and closet area were very inefficient. With modern design expertise, VIS Designs was able to create a new floor plan by enlarging the shower area, creating a his/hers closet, and leaving no wasted space. One of the many treasures we brought home from China was an antique Chinese screen. We had the idea to use the screen as bathroom doors and requested VIS Designs to create a modern Chinese bathroom around this piece of art. We love the floor to wall "bamboo forest” tile in the shower and how it ends in the ceiling. The cove lighting is gorgeous; Ms. Chien’s architectural background enabled her to work with the roof truss direction to carve a space for it. Other Chinese motif elements came together to celebrate the Chinese art. Ms. Chien helped us every step of the way by selecting the perfect elements. We are very happy with the results and enjoy it every day! We highly recommend VIS Designs: they definitely have the creativity to bring your ideas to life.


Juned, Mathnasium The Math Learning Center:

VIS Designs was one of the two design firms we interviewed in the beginning. We chose VIS Designs because of their experience in tenant improvement design, code knowledge and a time conscientious approach. As a retail space tenant, time is crucial for us. By taking the project seriously, Principal Gloria Chien worked with the jurisdiction and successfully reduced the permit period by seven months. Another service that VIS Designs benefited us a lot is to provide a budget sensitive pricing plan for an initial cost estimate. VIS Designs is familiar with the building structural system and worked with the landlord to produce proper drawings for the construction. They have an attitude of walking the extra mile. They pay attention to the details, provide high quality work and meet project schedule. Now our new center is spacious, bright and energetic. We are very pleased by VIS Designs outstanding services and would highly recommend them to others.


Kahlid, Belle Pastry:

The newly leased space for our bakery business is much more spacious than the previous one, high ceiling with storefront windows. However, it appeared somewhat corporate, cold and unfriendly. Our customers expressed a desire of getting the feel of French warmth and coziness back. We hired VIS Designs for this makeover project. They transferred our vision into an unique theme – bringing the French sidewalk café inside! They have a thinking-outside-of-the-box talent. We love the logo awning above the display cases as a focal point. The side awnings at the mid height of the storefront windows bring the “ceiling” down and create coziness for the seating area. The two shutter windows on the wall make our customers feel like sipping coffee in Paris! My partner and I imported tables, chairs and décor items from France. We are very pleased with such a unique and creative outcome! More enjoyable conversations and interactions happen everyday. Our bakery is now warm and lively to match the energy of Main Street Bellevue! We are incredibly happy with VIS Designs and would highly recommend them to others.


Tonia, Sotheby's Realty International Office:

VIS Designs brought high quality, detailed work and expertise to the table for space planning and permitting services for our 2nd location. They are punctual and responsive. They provided creative space plans with a sense of community for our staff and clients. The room sizes, adjacency and circulation are well designed, functional and efficient. The lobby and the connected conference room positively stimulate conversations for our business. The work area is balanced between the needs for collaboration and privacy. One of the biggest challenges we faced was to install a new HVAC system under a fire rated ceiling with limited ceiling heights. VIS Designs solved the problem by suggesting a cost efficient duct layout resulting in a clean and professional look. Since completion, this 2nd location has been overwhelmingly praised by our staff and visitors. VIS Designs turned our vision into reality by listening to our needs and paying attention to the details. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.

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The Zen of Healing and In Tune Healing Arts:

VIS Designs provided tenant improvement permitting services for our new location. In order to maximize our ROI, we had a very short time period for all the design, permitting, and construction works. VIS Designs took the extra mile to ensure everything the City of Seattle wanted to review was covered. The permit was issued within 10 days without any city comments! The new space looks wonderful and works efficiently. We are happy with how it turned out. We highly recommend VIS Designs!


TC Wu, WPI Real Estate Property Management and Sales:

It was a pleasure working with VIS Designs. Gloria Chien, the principal of VIS Designs, is extremely professional in her design and presentation. I feel that she puts her whole heart into the project, and the result definitely shows! Throughout the process, she gave helpful input, monitored every detail to prevent any future problems. Not only she understood the vision of the project, but she also delivered quality and practical solutions above and beyond what was asked. Her detail orientated approach is one of the key elements to the success of the project. We would love to work with Gloria and VIS Designs again, and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in the future!

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Perry & Robyn Balcom, Distinctive Dentures PLLC:

Gloria Chien is a highly skilled, detail oriented designer. Having the dual skills and training of building systems and interior design sets Gloria apart to provide broad wisdom, creativity and direction. She helped us efficiently use our time and money. Gloria quickly responded to our questions and intently embraced our ideas. She ultimately provided the best solution for our allotted space. We enjoyed her calm and kind demeanor. She was easily accessible and kept us abreast of her progress with drawings, permitting etc. We highly recommend her as a person of integrity and professionalism.

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David Seely, Architect at Transformations Development Enterprises, LLC:

I have collaborated with Gloria whose work is impeccable in every way. As a designer, Gloria's taste and aesthetic is second to none. Her drawings and documents are of the highest quality. I was thoroughly impressed by her attention to detail and customer care. In my 33 year career as a project architect I have rarely encountered people with Gloria's combination of design sensibility and professional documentation. I look forward to our next collaboration. You will not be disappointed in hiring Gloria for your interior project.

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Joel Riehl, Architect at GWest Archtiecture LLC:

I had the pleasure of working with Gloria Chien and VIS Designs on a fairly large multi-family project in the Seattle area. I found her to be very talented, conscientious, and productive - consistently delivering above and beyond expectations. In particular I appreciated her pro-active approach to moving the project forward on schedule, to pursuing unresolved or ambiguous issues, and excellent job coordinating with other consultants such as lighting designer, architect, and landscape architect. I highly recommend Gloria and VIS Designs for projects calling for an Interior Designer (which should be nearly any project).

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Peter Lian, Partner at G-West Visions, LLC:

I had a great experience working with Gloria, the Principal of VIS Designs, on our Kenmore Solmax Lofts Apartment as the interior designer for this project. She is very professional, creative, knowledgeable and provide great services to our client. She is also very dedicated and works well with the project team. Her services added value to our project. I strongly recommend her.

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